How to prevent air filter "short circuit"

2019-07-03 18:55:49 261

The so-called short circuit of air filter means that due to improper installation, the air filter is not tightly sealed, and the air containing a lot of impurities does not pass through the filter surface of the filter element and directly enters the cylinder from the bypass.In this case, the air filter can no longer clean the intake of the engine.


The method to determine whether the air filter is short-circuiting is: observe the filter element at regular intervals. If the surface of the paper filter element is always clean, it means that the air filter does not work and there is a short circuit.


The key to prevent short circuit of the air filter is to ensure that the installation must be sealed, that is, do not allow unfiltered air from the bypass into the cylinder.The following points should be paid attention to when installing an air filter:


1) the two end faces of the paper filter element must be filled with a complete colloid sealing washer:


2) if the paper filter element degummed with the iron sheet at both ends, it should be replaced;


3) do not tighten the airfoil nut of the fixed air filter housing to prevent deformation of the housing.Because the cover is made of thin iron sheet, once the cover is deformed, it will break the paper filter element.


4) the connection between the air filter assembly and the engine inlet pipe must be firm and tight to prevent air leakage.